Tzitzit Bracelet Workshop

Tzitzit Bracelet Workshop

A Friendship Bracelet with G-d

In this workshop, we will explore the traditions and mitzvot (commandment) of wearing tzitzit. While sharing and weaving in beautiful meaning, we will make our own Tzitzit Bracelets by choosing colorful threads, wrapping. and knotting. We will leave feeling inspired and connected through our friendship bracelet with G-d.

For thousands of years, Jews have tied tzitzit (knotted ritual tassels) on to their four-cornered garments. Tzitzit are most often worn on the corners of a tallit (prayer shawl) or tallit katan (an undergarment worn daily under a shirt). Originally only worn by men, they serve as a reminder of all of the commandments. There are a total of 613 mitzvot that have been commanded to the Jewish people. We hope that each time you wear your tzitzit bracelet, you think about and remember that you are wearing a piece of our Jewish history with it’s beautiful customs and rituals. May it serve as a meaningful friendship bracelet between you and G-d.


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